Internet Writing:

something that could feel alive: humor, anti-semitism, and resistance in Trump's America, PROTOCOLS MAGAZINE, (forthcoming January 2018)

a riot is a crooked thing/ a crooked thing is a riotHeavy Reather Review, March 2017

last night we ate lemon cakeEntropy, October 2016

Paying Attention, Entropy, January 2017

untitled (go), drylandlit 5, December 2016

Never Asleep in Trump's America, drylandlit 6, November 2016

first starts, in, Sparkle & Blink, February 2016

just girl stuff, Rootstalk Magazine, October 2015

How We are Unraveling, Full of Crow Magazine, July 2016


Books I Print:

Little Letters on the Skin

HOLD: a journal

drylandlit 6

NIGHTED Magazine

Be About It

Rag Zine 5,6

Oatmeal Magazine