february 20, 2017 

In February we celebrated our first president's day with donald trump as president. Trump’s rise to power last year relied upon a crafty manipulation of language that caused his sensationalized & overtly false narrative of reality to be the only one people could trust. As much as we deride him, he now owns license to what is “real” in America. 

"Deluge of the real", a 12-hour film occupation on president's day, hit back at this – his savvy capacity to control media, news cycles, social media trends, and conversations (on all sides of the political spectrum). On President’s Day (a day designed to celebrate "presidential power"), I publicly screened 12-consecutive hours (like an IRL, curated, newsfeed) of documentary footage, all of which analyzed the nuances of technology, ignorance and psychology in global politics. This "occupation of president's day" was curated in an attempt to chart the erosions of “truth” and “trust” in politics that have led to Trump’s election. Best of all: they offered a window into how Donald Trump makes sense.

The event doubled as a fundraiser for the Arab Resource and Organizing Center and was produced in conjunction with 100daysaction.